About Us Technology

HS FRAME is the LED light source technology
developed by KLT.

It is a new technology platform business that reduces parts by more than 30% and processes by more than 50% as light source parts that can substitute imported raw materials and materials.

It is a completely new light source technology from the semiconductor process, and it produces more light with a smaller size. It is the only original technology in the world that dissipates heat and emits light more easily and faster than conventional technologies.

New Source Technology

Eco-friendly technology in the new technology lead frame structureinstead of soldering for current supply and heat dissipation

80% replacement of imported raw materials

Parts technology

50% technical price reduction

Process technology

Strong patent technology

registered even overseas

Status of Certifications for Product Technologies

Comparison of Core Technologies

KLT HS Frame

Structural strengths

Supplying heat and current without going through soldering

NO Soldering

Simple heat dissipation path

Low thermal resistance / fast thermal equilibrium rate / separate heat and current transfer structure
Integrated LED, PCB, Heat Sink

Chip > HS Frame

Lead Frame + PCB + Heat Sink

General LED structure

Structural limitations

Transferring heat and current through soldering


Complex heat dissipation path

High thermal resistance / slow thermal equilibrium rate / integrated heat and current transfer structure
Separated LED, PCB, Heat Sink

Chip>Lead(380w/m.k) > Solder(8w/m.k) >
PCB Solder pad(80w/m.k) >
Insulator(0.5w/m.k) > Substrate(180w/m.k) >
Thermal Interface Material(0.5w/m.k) >
Heat Sink(180w/m.k)