Technical Features

Source technology

  • 1.4



  • 1.9



  • 1.75


    Thermal Resistance

Integral frame

LED package

Printed circuit board


  • 1 Lead-free, eco-friendly LED technology
  • 2 No Soldering, PCB, Heat Sink
  • 3 Basic technology in a whole new way
  • 4 A new method of emitting light
  • 5 Free product design
  • 6 Faster heat dissipation
  • 7 Lower temperature
  • 8 Simple assembling
  • 9 Longer lifetime

Technical price reduction

KLT LED process

  • LED Packaging
  • Connection to modules
  • Screw fastening
  • Assembly
  • 1st inspection
  • Aging
  • 2nd inspection

7 steps

Manufacturing process

50% reduction

Conventional LED

  • LED Packaging
  • PCB manufacturing
  • Soldering
  • SMD Mounting
  • Reflower (280 over degree)
  • ICT inspection/cleaning
  • Themal taping to PCB & Heatsink
  • Wire soldering to PCB
  • Connection to modules
  • Screw fastening
  • Assembly
  • 1st inspection
  • Aging
  • 2nd inspection

14 steps

Strong patent

KLT, a company with source technology

KLT's HS FRAME is a new basic new technology
for LED package.

“The study did not find any patent that overlaps with
BK’s patented lead frame structure...
A completely different approach towards thermal
management of LED package.”

No patents overlapping with BKT‘s patents have been found.
It is a completely different approach to the heat dissipation of LED package.
  • IP landscape analyses conducted
    by Techinsights, April 2016

Provide differentiated solutions

Development of light source solution optimized for maintenance of existing facilities

  • HID Lamps

  • Vitamin Lamps

  • HID Lamps

  • Vitamin Engine

  • Vitamin Engine (flat type)

  • Vitamin Engine (optical type)

  • 1 Free design improves technical efficiency = Change in direction
  • 2 Freeing from the existing structure of optical design on one side and thermal design on the other side
  • 3 Various designs possible with HS FRAME that does not require thermal design
  • 4 LED light technology optimized for advanced lighting with a perfect light distribution curve