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Create a new market with differentiated technology.


99.99% Sterilization, antiviral VITAMIN LED LAMP

Daily Hands care Cell-Regen LED Lamp

KLT Solution

Solving thermal problems with a completely new way
Standards not new

  • new technology

    LED Chip + PCB + HeatSink
    All-in-one semiconductor process development
    Fast heat dissipation, low heat generation, and long lifetime

  • Existing Standards

    Meet existing standards with new technologies.
    Light weight and free technology design
    Same standard, energy saving, and 5 times longer lifetime

  • Maintenance

    Installation of LED light source for maintenance
    Accelerated LED replacement to 80% market
    Easy installation, low costs, and facility maintenance

Core Technology

Extreme thinness, lightness and overwhelming efficiency provided

This technology under which the module itself acts as a circuit and heat sink and dissipate heat in both front and back for the first time shows extreme thinness, lightness, and excellent performance and efficiency.

  • 1.4



  • 1.9



  • 1.75


    Thermal Resistance

Advantages of KLT's core technology

A new level of environmentally friendly LED lighting that does not require soldering until heat dissipation

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LED lighting does not require new installation any more
Upgrade existing light fixtures to LED lights

It is a new concept of product that retrofits existing lights to LED lights by replacing light sources (metal, sodium, mercury, CFL, and CDM) that were used in streetlights, security lights, tunnel lights, and a variety of light fixtures indoors and outdoors.
The new structure of heat dissipation without the use of circuit boards and heat sinks results in faster heat dissipation and lower temperature, increasing the lifetime by 17 years and saving energy by up to 70 percent without discarding existing lighting fixtures.

  • Smart dimmer

  • 150W maximum output

  • Lower weight of 590 grams

  • Higher luminous
    efficiency of 150 LM/W

  • Life expectancy of 17 years

Introduction of Products

Based on new source technologies retained, we provide products and services with significantly improved performance, quality, and durability.